[quagga-dev 10553] Re: RTRlib-based RPKI extension for Quagga

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Jun 17 18:27:11 BST 2013

Matthias Waehlisch <waehlisch at ieee.org> writes:

(narrowing to -dev)

> Hi Quagga folks,
>   we currently work on an RPKI extension for Quagga. It implements 
> prefix origin validation. This project is in addition to BGPSRx.

What do you mean by "in addition to BGPSRx"?   Is this wholly spearate?
Or does one use that, and then your code on top of it?

> Installation instructions
> http://rpki.realmv6.org/wiki/QuaggaExtensionInstallation

This mentions "run ldconfig", which feels linux-specific.  It would be
good to list the OS and CPU combinations your code is known to build/run

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