[quagga-dev 10294] Re: FreeBSD 4.11 support -- patches included

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Mar 3 15:41:39 GMT 2013

I think it would be helpful to review the history of the decision to
require C99.  I remember that happening quite a long time ago, and I
think the reasoning is even more strongly supported by the way the world
is now, compared to then.

We have to consider the benefit to the overall quagga user base of
including support for obsolete compilers.  Is anyone but Jim trying to
use a pre-C99 compiler?  The presence of ifdefs has a cost, and it may
be that Jim should maintain a git tree with private patches (but shared
to the world).  Also, I would like to hear from Jim about why a
C99-compliant compiler can't be used on FreeBSD4.  Surely there is a lot
of other software around that requires C99.

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