[quagga-dev 10300] Re: FreeBSD 4.11 support -- patches included

neitzel at marshlabs.gaertner.de neitzel at marshlabs.gaertner.de
Sun Mar 3 19:52:32 GMT 2013

GDT> But we'll see if others speak up - I suspect you are the
GDT> lone FreeBSD4 holdout by now, and perhaps the only active user in a
GDT> pre-C99 environment.

Nah, my quagga machine at home is still my 486 running FreeBSD-4.7.
Nothing in later 4.x release notes brought anything relevant with
them, and FreeBSD-5.x was specced way beyond the 48MB RAM of this box.
It is still my main box at home.  I *do* run the latest, say, sendmail,
openssl, cvs, or git on this box.  The latest quagga would be fine, too.

So I'm very thankful for Jim's patches.


PS:  And, yes, I'm also guilty on still running sunos-4/sparc,
hpux10/hppa, ultrix/mips, aix4/rs6k, or irix5.3.

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