[quagga-dev 10336] Re: Zebra and Netlink (for LDP)

Renato Westphal renatowestphal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 17:55:58 GMT 2013

2013/3/12 Sami Halabi <sodynet1 at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> 1. Is there some user documentation, i wanna test it nog digging in thd
> code.

Unfortunately not, but it's very simple to get MPLS/LDP up and
running. First of all, if you are under Linux, you will need the MPLS
module in the kernel. This module can be found here (kernel v3.7-rc4):

There is an ongoing work to merge the MPLS module into the mainstream
Linux kernel, but while this doesn't happen you'll have to stick with
a kernel version that supports MPLS. I did backport the MPLS module to
the v2.6.35.14 kernel, backporting to other versions shouldn't be a

Additional note for Linux: after inserting the MPLS module, you'll
need to enable the mpls0 interface to get things working: # ifconfig
mpls0 up

OpenBSD supports MPLS out of the box since version 4.4 I think, so
there's no need to install additional packages for this platform.

To build and install Quagga with MPLS/LDP support, follow these steps:
$ ./configure --enable-mpls=[linux|openbsd|null] [your flags]
$ make
# make install

You have to choose on configure time what MPLS "method" you want:
linux, openbsd or null. The null method can be used to test MPLS/LDP
support on a non MPLS enabled kernel. All MPLS/LDP related commands
are very similar to the Cisco IOS commands, so this should not be a

> 2. Would this mpls work in FreeBSD?

Does FreeBSD supports MPLS out of the box?

Renato Westphal

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