[quagga-dev 10362] TODO list survey, Google Summer of Code

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Mar 20 23:36:50 GMT 2013

Hi everyone,

I'd like to get Quagga into Google's Summer of Code.  However, there is
a problem: we don't have an usable TODO list.  Not an official one
either way, just "random" groups of people have "random" lists.

We could really use a TODO list either way, so - whatever you can think
of, just throw a mail in here and I'll sort it.  Hopefully a few of the
things that come up are suitable for a student and a summer vacation's
time, but please don't pre-restrict, we also need a general purpose TODO

(I'll do a post myself, after catching some sleep, also I don't want to
pre-impress my conceptions.)

I don't have much clue yet where to put this, maybe a wiki somewhere,
but on the other hand it might just as well go into the code git...
either way we need something that is (a) centralised and (b) well
readable (which knocks out bugtrackers).

Please post all TODO submissions as direct replies to this mail.



P.S.: If, just maybe, anyone/anyone's company would like to sponsor a
TODO item or two, we can certainly find some way to broker this as well.
You can just say so publicly, or alternatively send a private e-mail to
maintainers at quagga.net
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