[quagga-dev 10379] Re: FreeBSD 4.11 support -- patches

Jim Carroll jim at carroll.com
Mon Mar 25 16:14:05 GMT 2013

> Hi.
> Did you tried to upgrade GCC?
> On FreeBSD 4.11 its quite easy, like pkg_add gcc..
> (I've done that on my Imunes box and it works well!)
> If you cant find GCC 3.3 or 3.4 for FreeBSD
> take a look here:
> ftp://borg.uu3.net/pub/freebsd/4.11/pkg/
> Regards,
> Borg

Hi Borg,

I had tried this several times with very little success. But over the
weekend I was able to find a machine that could be upgraded to gcc 3.4.
This was great news for us as it now means we're "back in the fold" and
don't need to worry about keeping our copy of quagga patched.


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