[quagga-dev 10383] Route selection help

Sami Halabi sodynet1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 21:03:45 GMT 2013

Hi all,
I have a question regarding BGP and best route selection.
Here is my setup:
my BGP is AS0, connected to 2 BGP PEERS (AS1 & AS2).
I usually prefer routes via AS1, all past time I used local-prference to go
through AS1, it worked great since i had equal prefixes, lets say for the
example /23. My problems began when AS2 announced me /24 prefixes, and i
still got /23 from AS1. So /24 was preffered.
I'm talking about 2000 prefixes so making a manual prefix-list and change
next-hop isn't an option.
Is there any mechanism to di:
For every prefix i get from AS2 check if there is already a route via AS1,
if so change next-hop to be AS1 peer?

Please help me here, My line via AS2 has small bandwidth so I need to
accomplish this.

Thanks in advance,
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