[quagga-dev 10389] Re: TODO list survey, Google Summer of Code

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Fri Mar 29 18:56:01 GMT 2013

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 12:36:50AM +0100, David Lamparter wrote:
> I'd like to get Quagga into Google's Summer of Code.  However, there is
> a problem: we don't have an usable TODO list.  Not an official one
> either way, just "random" groups of people have "random" lists.

I've updated TODO in the code repo and pushed it, the GSoC deadline is
in 4 minutes.  I'm intending to extend and describe this further over
the next few days, contributions very welcome.

Nick/Dinesh, your suggestions ended up as this:
[Q003] add multi-instance / multi-topology support to the individual protocols
[O000] move SPF to common code
[O001] extend code sharing between ospfd and ospf6d beyond SPF
[I000] reassess isisd TODO

those are not described very well yet, let me get to that.  I'd also
like to add a few more details about "[O600] fix ospf6d in general"
regarding Cumulus' patches.  Oh and I suppose OSPFv2 P2P LAN should be
on there too...

(Regarding isisd - it's actually halfway usable.  OSR testing just found
another crash bug, but it's a trivial fix...  there are a few more
higher level issues, but it shouldn't burn Rome if you start it.)

If there are no arguments against it, the TODO list as it is right now
can be reinstated as proper procedure for Quagga submissions - i.e.
(a) if you start working on something big, submit a patch to TODO to
    list yourself and what you're doing, before you start working.  This
    would basically be proper formal procedure to grab a work item.
(b) when you got something done, remove the entry from TODO with your
    code patch submission(s)


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