[quagga-dev 10543] [PATCH 0/3] bgpd, zebra: add some missing parts for NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX

Christian Franke chris at opensourcerouting.org
Sat May 25 16:01:33 BST 2013

Commit ba281d3d04 and its previous commit added support for NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX
and make use of it for ospf.
There are however other places where additional code for NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX is
necessary. One of the most apparent is iBGP nexthop resolution. Currently, bgpd
is unable to lookup iBGP nexthops which are resolved over a NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX
as that nexthop type is not supported by the nexthop lookup api/protocol.

Taking that as an opportunity I did a sweep over the codebase looking out for other
places where NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX should be treated specially which resulted in
the following patchset.

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