[quagga-dev 10496] Additional GSoC Proposal

Nathan Wilder nwilder0 at yahoo.com
Wed May 1 20:51:47 BST 2013

Quagga Community,

Unless you all have any objections, I would like to submit a second proposal for GSoC.  The OSPF replay and testing tool is still hands down my preferred project.  But as it seem to be a popular choice among potential GSoC students, I'd like to submit an additional proposal for the Zebra IPC clean-up in case I'm not selected to work on the OSPF tool.  It looks like an interesting endeavor that would get me familiar with all the Quagga components, although I do have some concerns about thorough testing, particularly with those protocols with which I have no experience (Babel, ISIS, and only have a little knowledge of RIP).  I'd assume that any testing I would do would be supplemented by and any code reviewed by the community before it's committed? 

So, the way I understand this clean-up project is that the Zebra IPC exchanges route information among the daemons and the local machine-specific route stack.  However, this IPC is interfaced to each daemon in different ways specific to that module's protocol.  So, the API needs to be cleaned up and standardized so all modules use a common interface, and one that is extensible for future protocols including MPLS.

I am thinking that the best approach would be to update zebra with the common API, then write a small program to talk to zebra via this new API to ensure things are generally working as expected.  At this point, I could then start to work my way thru the daemons updating them for the API, testing, and submitting them for review before moving on to the next one.

Does this generally sound like what you all had in mind, and do you have any more detailed insight into what would be involved or likely problem areas?


Nathan Wilder
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