[quagga-dev 10509] Re: Adding "encapsulation dot1q" option to interfaces

Adrian Ban bluelightning at mantech.ro
Thu May 2 21:36:49 BST 2013

Yes, indeed there are a lot of interfaces. But what is the problem 
adding an option which can be used or not?
Who want to use that option let them use it. Who don't is not a big 
deal: use the OS specific tool.
QinQ is much simpler that you think: create a new subinterface, specify 
the physical interface to be an already VLAN interface and set the dot1q 
Priority? that's the problem? I don't thinks so. The sources from 
ifconfig (BSD), iproute (Linux), dladm (Solaris) has a lot of code from 
where we can inspire.

The other interfaces? Port-channel I think I can add this feature also 
for all 3 OSes. ipgre maybe this too and so on.
And also you can take the common features. I don't think so that some 
interfaces has features in one OS and in the other OS doesn't have it it 
can't to the same job. There should be standardized.

I think this is not the issue.
Yes, there is Vyatta but is a custom distribution and I don't like that 
kind of distribution. I like Debian for example and I want to have a CLI 
on top of this Linux distribution.
And I think that I'm not the only one who think like this. I'm customize 
my on Debian for my own needs.

You work for Vyatta but this is not the reason to say that is not 
necessary to add this feature and promote the Vyatta to be an alternative.
Is like to reinstall all my routers with free Vyatta and run only that 
OS because Vyatta has this feature?

And "Therefore your change overlaps what we do" -> I don't understand. 
This should be a strong reason to not add this feature because you 
already did this in your distribution?

This is my point of view. I will do this addon anyway.

Best regards,

On 5/2/2013 7:54 PM, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> I understand the desire for a single management CLI but this seems like
> adding unnecessary. There a lots of subtleties to interface management and
> the world is bigger than just simple VLAN's. What about tunnels, what about
> all the possible VLAN options (like priority and QinQ)? And BSD, Linux, Solaris,
> et all have different features and options. It also means more work for developers
> as you duplicate functionality of other tools.
> IMHO the current Quagga suffers from doing to much in the shell. But I
> am and old Unix believer who believed 'cat -v considered harmful'.
> XORP tried to do a unified model, and it ended up being a whole shell.
> Disclosure:
> I work for Vyatta which has a full router style CLI. Therefore your change
> overlaps what we do. There is a open-source version of Vyatta, maybe that
> would meet your needs.

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