[quagga-dev 10510] Re: Adding "encapsulation dot1q" option to interfaces

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Thu May 2 21:58:09 BST 2013

On 02/05/2013 21:36, Adrian Ban wrote:
> Yes, indeed there are a lot of interfaces. But what is the problem adding
> an option which can be used or not?

If you add this functionality, the quagga code base will end up having to
support this forever, for all future operating systems.  There is support
for linux, freebsd, netbsd, openbsd, solaris and os/x at the moment, and
most these use either slightly or completely different semantics to handle
vlan interfaces.  It's highly likely that there will be API changes on
these operating systems in future (just like there have been in the past),
and quagga will end up having to support these too.  From a code
maintenance point of view, this is an unmerciful pain.  Just look at the
trouble that the various operating-system-dependent multicast interfaces
already cause in quagga.

also, there are more important problems to solve than this.


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