[quagga-dev 10522] Re: OSPF: External Prefix Summarization

Joachim Nilsson troglobit at gmail.com
Mon May 6 00:18:52 BST 2013

Hi again Ján!

Sorry for the delay, like I said in our private conversation, it's been 
quite a busy couple of weeks at work. I've just tested the latest fixes 
tonight, and it works great! :-)

A more click-friendly URL to Ján's OSPF summary-address is here:


Like I mentioned privately, if you:

     1. Squash the commits,
     2. Add texinfo documentation for the summary-address cmd, and
     3. Make some minor GNU coding style fixups

then I'd be more than happy to sign off on your work! :-)

Best regards

On 04/23/2013 12:06 AM, Ján Janovic wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> I have updated my feature branch ospfd/ext_summarization at
> https://janovic@bitbucket.org/janovic/quagga.git
> Today I resolved all issues we talked about in this thread with 
> Joachim. To be specific:
> * summary-address command and its variation are now correctly saved to 
> config file
> * discard route is added for every configured summary route
> * message "summary route for ... added" now appears only while debug 
> ospf events is on
> @Joachim: Could you please test it like before? I very appreciate any 
> help.
> @David: I've noticed from mailing list and git commits that you are 
> quite "in charge" here. Can you please give me some instructions, what 
> should I do next with code to get closer to the official release? I 
> think it could be interesting and useful contribution :)
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards.
> Jan Janovic
> On 04/21/2013 06:45 PM, Joachim Nilsson wrote:
>> On 04/21/2013 03:30 PM, Ján Janovic wrote:
>>> There is a one more idea in my head. Maybe you(or somebody else) 
>>> could help me with
>>> that. As you know for sure, when you start summarization on Cisco 
>>> devices,
>>> "discard" summary route is added to route table to prevent routing 
>>> loops.
>>> Is there a possibility to add such a route in linux? And from Quagga 
>>> code?
>> Or is it a null route you're referring to?
>> zebra.conf:
>>     ip route tun0
>>     ip route eth0 10
>>     ip route null0 255
>> If tun0 is up it runs as default gateway, otherwise, eth0 and as a 
>> last resort
>> the null0 route will act as a blackhole.
>> Regards
>>  /Joachim

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