[quagga-dev 10530] Some GSOC proposals

hervé frantz kmhfmassive at gmail.com
Fri May 10 12:03:26 BST 2013

Hi to everybody,
I have a set of proposition and questions that can be often used for GSOC
and everyone is welcome to give is point of view


It is planned to join quagga in the SDN moving ? if Openflow should be
integrated should be in the OS or Quagga itself?

*Quagga and other routing protocols implementation*

I have a question about quagga interoperability with other opensource
software implementation (BIRD, XORP, OpenBGPd/OpenOSPFd) and even vendor
implementation address to quagga developer and adminis . Does quagga work
well in a heterogeneous environment? Is it a need to make quagga more
interoperable with other implementation?

*IDRP implementation*

What do you think about some IDRP implementation within quagga *?

*NETCONF integration for Quagga

*What do you think about some IDRP integration within quagga *?*

the discussion is open so don't hesitated

have a nice day, Frantz Kengne
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