[quagga-dev 10536] Re: bgp and Multiprotocol Extension Capability

Pradosh Mohapatra pmohapat at cumulusnetworks.com
Sat May 18 02:06:25 BST 2013

>>> Does anyone think it is unreasonable to treat current behaviour as
>>> a bug ?

I agree: 

- if a neighbor has not announced mp_ext capability listing <afi, safi> = <i, j>, Quagga BGP 
   should not be sending any routes for that <afi, safi>
- this rule, however, does not apply to <ipv4 unicast>, as per the original RFC. Quagga BGP
   can thus send <ipv4 unicast> routes to a speaker in the absence of an mp_ext listing
   <ipv4 unicast> (even if the neighbor has announced an mp_ext capability, for other
    <afi, safi> pairs for example).

Strange that I don't see this behavior in Quagga (based on a minimal test). Also, from a
cursory glance at the code, I see that it does the right thing by checking peer->afc_nego[afi][safi]
while announcing the routes.

- Pradosh

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