[quagga-dev 10540] Re: bgp and Multiprotocol Extension Capability

'Chris Hall' chris.hall.list at highwayman.com
Wed May 22 18:18:36 BST 2013

Pradosh Mohapatra wrote (on Sun 19-May-2013 at 16:09 +0100):
> From RFC4724 (and this seems to imply what you are asking for):
>    Address Family Identifier (AFI), Subsequent Address Family
>       Identifier (SAFI):
>       The AFI and SAFI, taken in combination, indicate that Graceful
>       Restart is supported for routes that are advertised with the
>       same AFI and SAFI.  Routes may be explicitly associated with a
>       particular AFI and SAFI using the encoding of [BGP-MP] or
>       implicitly associated with <AFI=IPv4, SAFI=Unicast> if using
>       the encoding of [BGP-4].

I dunno.  The last sentence has all the appearance of a statement of
the blindingly obvious.

I guess it is meant to mean that you can advertise Graceful Restart
for IPv4/Unicast without supporting [BGP-MP]... but (even) in that
case, IPv4/Unicast needs to be included explicitly in the list,
despite the fact that you: a) don't understand any other afi/safi; b)
don't issue any MP-Ext; c) use the encoding of [BGP-4].

If it is meant to mean anything else, then I fear it has gone *way*
over my head :-(


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