[quagga-dev 10797] Re: New branch in opensourcerouting/quagga

Jan Janovic janovic at orava.sk
Thu Oct 3 16:26:15 BST 2013


Absolutely. It's no problem for us to create public repo on github for 
example. Actually we already did. You can find it here 
(EIGRP-Development branch): https://github.com/janovic/Quagga-EIGRP . 
All the work will be pushed here over time.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Jan Janovic

On 09/30/2013 08:57 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> (I haven't been reading quagga mail the last week or so, and just stuck
> my head in, so sorry if I'm missing context.)
> With git, preparing changes, and administrative issues of write
> permission are decoupled.  So if your group has a public repository
> forked from savannah, where master is origin/master, and there's a
> feature.eigrp branch or something, then everyone can just add it as a
> remote and fetch and review and try your changes.  When the time
> comes and the mailinglist concurs the code is ready, David or I can
> merge and push.
> (I'm not clear on the details of granting write access on savannah, and
> in general people having write access and preparing branches is quite
> decoupled.)
> Does this make sense?

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