[quagga-dev 10798] Function prototypes in isis_pdu.h ?

Chamara Philips chcphilips.uom at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 11:49:45 BST 2013

Hi all,

What is the use of following function prototypes in isis_pdu.h? Where they
have defined? Or are they have to be defined yet?

int isis_receive (struct thread *thread);
int send_lan_l1_hello (struct thread *thread);
int send_lan_l2_hello (struct thread *thread);
int send_p2p_hello (struct thread *thread);
int send_csnp (struct isis_circuit *circuit, int level);
int send_l1_csnp (struct thread *thread);
int send_l2_csnp (struct thread *thread);
int send_l1_psnp (struct thread *thread);
int send_l2_psnp (struct thread *thread);
int send_lsp (struct thread *thread);
int ack_lsp (struct isis_lsp_hdr *hdr,
         struct isis_circuit *circuit, int level);
void fill_fixed_hdr (struct isis_fxd_hdr *hdr, u_char pdu_type);
int send_hello (struct isis_circuit *circuit, int level);

Best Regards
Chamara Philips
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