[quagga-dev 10838] Re: Quagga RIP supports RFC#2091

James Carlson carlsonj at workingcode.com
Thu Oct 24 13:06:41 BST 2013

On 10/24/13 07:07, Arjun Prasad wrote:
> Does Quagga's RIP implementation supports RFC 2091.

No.  Triggered RIP implementations are rare.  I think Cisco's IOS has
one, but I can't say I ever ran into anyone who enabled it.

In my opinion, RIP users are better served by good summarization
behavior and reasonable network design so that the actual number of
routes that must be sent on any interface is fairly low.  The whole
point of RIP (at least these days) is that listeners can obtain
high-quality routing information for free, unlike other protocols that
require per-peer state data.  It scales nicely in that way.  Triggered
RIP breaks that design by forcing implementations to have per-peer
retransmission tracking.

And if you really have so many diverse routes that you need to resort to
sending deltas instead on a very slow link, you're probably better off
using a more established protocol such as OSPF, IS-IS, or BGP rather
than something exotic like triggered RIP.

Maybe the idea made sense when people were routing IPX via RIP over
2400bps modem links, but I think it's hard to imagine what the use-case
for RFC 2091 triggered RIP might be as the year 2013 is ending.  The
added complexity and new source of bugs would be hard to favor.

Sorry to rain on your parade -- I get the sense that you're looking
around for a good project -- but I don't think adding features just for
feature's sake is the best answer.  The best additions are the ones that
are driven by real *need* not mere *opportunity*.

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