[quagga-dev 10845] Re: Quagga RIP supports RFC#2091

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Thu Oct 24 16:42:59 BST 2013

> That's not triggered RIP.
> It sounds to me like you're talking about triggered updates in RIP --
> that is, RIP Response packets sent due to a change in interface status
> or computed routes.  That's completely unrelated to RFC 2091 "Triggered
> Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Circuits."

My bad -- you're entirely right.  I was thinking of triggered updates,
which are useful even if the peer doesn't implement them.  The
on-demand extensions to RIP are almost completely unrelated, and
I agree with you that they are probably useless nowadays.

Arjun -- if you're thinking of tackling a Quagga-related project, then
adding triggered updates (RFC 2453 paragraph 3.4.4, RFC 2080 paragraph 2.5.1)
to Quagga's implementations of RIPv2 and RIPng would be a worthy endeavour.
The on-demand extensions to RIP, on the other hand, are of very
doubtful utility nowadays.

> Anything that doesn't support "triggered updates" as described in
> RFC 2453 sounds just plain old broken to me.

Last time I checked, Quagga didn't.  8 minutes to reconverge after you
lose a route :-/

-- Juliusz

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