[quagga-dev 10880] Re: Vyatta & quagga - VyOS direction

Joachim Nilsson troglobit at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 20:38:17 GMT 2013

On 2013-10-30 19:39, Oleg A. Arkhangelsky wrote:
> 30.10.2013, 21:12, "Daniil Baturin" <daniil at baturin.org>:
>> Cavium has hardware IP offload, so I don't think we really can compare
>> that directly to x86.
> Yes, the magic is behind cvm_ipfwd_rx_hook and cvm_ipfwd_tx_hook
> symbols which is exported from proprietary ip-offload module by Cavium.

We[1] once looked at Cavium.

I always wondered how that linking business with a
GPL:ed code base would work i practice. It's a very
impressive piece of HW, but they never inspired in
the SW aspect of the package.


[1] - You can probably figure out who "We" are by list history...

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