[quagga-dev 11208] Re: [quagga-dev, 7799] route-map set metric issue with rip

Feng Lu lu.feng at 6wind.com
Thu Apr 24 09:11:16 BST 2014

Hi Stig,

I prefer to do what have been done in RIPng. It seems more simple,
and helps to keep RIP and RIPng with the same implementation.

(Though, I have opinion to the check of "if (metric < 0)", which
makes the command "set metric -X" unavailable. But this is another

Best Regards,
Feng Lu

On 02/14/2010 11:47 PM, Stig Thormodsrud wrote:
> My initial fix was to also ignore the error on delete with:
> different approach, by just commenting out the compile error.  In
> ripng_routemap.c::route_set_metric_compile() we have:
>    /* Commented out by Hasso Tepper, to avoid problems in vtysh. */
>    /* if (metric<  0 || metric>  RIPNG_METRIC_INFINITY) */
> So what is the better approach?  In the first case the rule doesn't exist
> and in the second it exists with a metric larger than
> Thanks,
> stig

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