[quagga-dev 11326] bgpd: batch of attribute handling fixes

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Jun 4 00:12:59 BST 2014

This series fixes several issues in attribute handling, related to malformed
attributes and/or route-map "set" applications.

NB: do not apply 3/6 without 2/6 (or duplicating the fix).

Thanks to Milan Kocian, your information was quite useful and the hacked patch
fixed half the problem already ;)

- [1/6] bgpd: fix some bgp_update_main() attribute leaks
- [2/6] bgpd: remove duplicate route-map extcommunity code
- [3/6] bgpd: fix double free after extcommunity set (BZ#799)
- [4/6] bgpd: fix memory leak on malformed attribute
- [5/6] bgpd: fix IP endianness in debug message
- [6/6] bgpd: don't send NOTIFY twice for malformed attrs

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