[quagga-dev 11338] Re: [quagga-users 13716] BGP debug CLI

Daniel Walton dwalton at cumulusnetworks.com
Fri Jun 20 15:11:38 BST 2014

Right now it is generic and applies to all SAFIs. I was trying to keep the parse chain on the short side just to make life easier on the user.  The alternative cli would be

 deb bgp updates prefix [ipv4|ipv6] [unicast|multicast] [A.B.C.D/M|X:X::X:X/M]

but then the next question is do you add afi/safi options for "deb bgp updates [in|out] [A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X]" as well.

My 2c...I can live with seeing the occasional debug output for a prefix that lives in multiple SAFIs if it means having a smaller cli chain.


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On 19 Jun 2014, at 15:53, Daniel Walton <dwalton at cumulusnetworks.com> wrote:

> In the end bgp debugs would consist of:
> - deb bgp as4 [segment]
> - deb bgp keepalives [A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X]
> - deb bgp neighbor-events [A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X]
> - deb bgp nht
> - deb bgp updates [in|out] [A.B.C.D|X:X::X:X]
> - deb bgp updates prefix [A.B.C.D/M|X:X::X:X/M]

How do you tie SAFI to this one?

> - deb bgp zebra [A.B.C.D/M|X:X::X:X/M]


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