[quagga-dev 11339] Quagga 0.99.23 released

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Tue Jun 24 13:08:16 BST 2014

Hi everyone,

Quagga 0.99.23 has been released and is up on Savannah for download at:
If you encounter a "404" error, Savannah mirrors are still synchronising
the files, please give it another day.

All users are advised to upgrade.

Major user-visible changes:

- [lib] Performance enhancements on hashes and timers.
- [bgpd] New feature: iBGP TTL security.
- [bgpd] New feature: relaxed bestpath criteria for multipath and improved
  display of multipath routes in "show ip bgp".  Scripts parsing this output
  may need to be updated.
- [bgpd] Multiprotocol peerings over IPv6 now try to find a more appropriate
  IPv4 nexthop by looking at the interface.
- [ospf6d] A large amount of changes has been merged for ospf6d.  Careful
  evaluation prior to deployment is recommended.
- [zebra] Recursive route support has been overhauled.  Scripts parsing
  "show ip route" output may need adaptation.
- [zebra] IPv6 address management has been improved regarding tentative
  addresses.  This is visible in that a freshly configured address will not
  immediately be marked as usable.
- [*] a lot of bugs have been fixed, please refer to the git log

Known issues:

- this version of bgpd implements draft-idr-error-handling.  This was
  added in 0.99.21 and may not be desirable.  If you need a version
  without this behaviour, please use  We forgot to add the
  runtime configuration switch for this that we previously promised.
- setting an extcommunity in a route map on a route that already has an
  extcommunity attribute will cause bgpd to crash.  This issue will be fixed in
  a followup minor release.

- isisd is in "beta" state.  Please supervise closely and report bugs.
- adjacencies will not come up if IPv4 is not in the set of enabled
  protocols both locally and remotely.  This implies IPv6-only operation
  does not currently work.
- special care is needed on non-Linux platforms due to OS-specific raw
  packet access backends that did not receive much testing.

- ospf6d is in "beta" state.  This version has received a lot of changes, if
  upgrading from a previous version please carefully evaluate it in a separate
- area support is broken/nonexistent

The PGP key used to sign this release is the same as for 0.99.22.  However,
the expiry on the subkeys has been pushed forward.  Please update your copy of
the key from a keyserver by running "gpg --refresh-keys 54CD2E60" or grab a
fresh copy from the download area.


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