[quagga-dev 11362] Re: git tree OPEN, please [re-]submit your patches

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Jun 25 17:34:34 BST 2014

(Unintentionally replied to this off-list, copy for reference below)

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 06:49:36AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Olivier Dugeon <olivier.dugeon at orange.com> writes:
> > I just finish to prepare my Traffic Engineering patch against this new
> > release. Can you point me the best way to submit it as it is quiet
> > huge (see diffstat below) ?
> >
> > The patch enhance to recent RFC the TE part of OSPF (+ update of the
> > documentation) and add TE support to ISIS.
> David may have a different preference (which counts, as I'm not going to
> have time to deal), but what I would like to see is a
> publically-accessible git tree with master matching the public repo and
> your changes on a branch (with the merge base on the public master's
> head).  Almost surely you have such a tree, or close, so it should just
> be a question of publishing it.

I'd have said exactly the same thing ;)

For larger changes like this one, a public git tree *somewhere* on the
internet (e.g. github, gitorious, your own host, whatever) is preference
#1.  To "submit" it, send a mail with Subject "[GIT PULL] foobar
changes" and include the git URL and branch name in the text.  (e.g.
"https://github.com/opensourcerouting/quagga, srcdest branch")

Alternatively, you can send it to the mailing list as plain old patches.


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