[quagga-dev 11125] Facing some issues in implementing RFC6860 (Hiding Transit-Only Networks in OSPF)

Kanchan Gupta1 kanchan.gupta1 at tcs.com
Wed Mar 26 05:10:08 GMT 2014

Hi All,

I am working with the RFC-6860. It says, for hiding broadcast networks we must use a special subnet mask i.e., but I am confused with this. As far as I know subnet mask is assigned to a single host i.e. used as loopback address. How can we use  it for a broadcast network.

I was trying it by configuring the manual settings as but it is not working out. With this IP it is not able to connect with its neighbor. 

Current settings:
Manual IP to the system:

OSPF configuration file has the following settings:

router ospf
 network area
 area range

Same settings are done at the neighbor side.

With the above settings everything is working fine. But if I change the subnet mask with /32 the setup stops working.

Do anyone one have any idea about this.

Thanks and regards,
Kanchan Gupta
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