[quagga-dev 11828] Re: ospfd-mi.patch: OSPF multi-instance support

Dinesh Dutt ddutt at cumulusnetworks.com
Thu Nov 27 11:35:33 GMT 2014

Hi Alain,

On 11/27/2014 02:30 AM, Alain RITOUX wrote:
> Hi all,
> On 11/26/2014 07:46 PM, Vipin Kumar wrote:
>>> Have you had a chance to look at the VRF patches? I suspect that a
>>> number
>>> of people would be interested in knowing how easily they could be
>>> integrated with yours - it would provide a good start on the answer to
>>> the questions Paul has been asking.
>> Sure. I will start looking at the VRF patches.
> Cool, when do you think you can provided a feedback on the VRF patches ?
We're starting to examine this deeply now. It'll take us a little time
to evaluate what is submitted, to reconcile it with what we've heard as
asks etc. and get back to you.

That said, VRF is very important to a full featured routing suite and to
that end, I'm very grateful for your submitting the patches.

> As for the multi-instance OSPF, we had more in mind (and some work in
> progress) a single daemon with multiple internal contexts. Anyway your
> approach is nonetheless also very interesting, and we'll review it
> more deeply.
there has already been a substantial discussion around this specific
issue, and I haven't had time to peruse it all.  However, I've seen the
ask for both models and working in a way that'd support both and if that
wouldn't make everything humongously complex, would be beneficial. For
example, a VRF mapped to netns lends itself very well to logical routers
and some form of customer-managed VPNs. However, in the middle of an SP
cloud, a single instance carrying all VRFs is the scalable model. If
failure domains are restricted to be per VRF, then separate process
model makes sense, but the single instance maybe more scalable. 

> My feeling is that with the zebra-VRF patch and the multi-ospf-daemon
> patch are compatible [modulo some git rebase ;-)]; with both, having
> one OSPF per VRF is within easy reach, or at least a not so-big patch
> away.

Exactly. Its wonderful for open source routing suites to start get more
community effort into them and to that end, and with the Thanksgiving
spirit in mind, thanks again for submitting the VRF patches and we'll
get back with more detailed comments soon,


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