[quagga-dev 11572] Re: Security Update: Multi-Router Looking Glass (MRLG)

John Fraizer john at op-sec.us
Thu Oct 9 13:41:24 BST 2014

mrlg-5.5.0 also includes fastping2.sh which is a replacement for the
alternate ping utility that was included previously.  If it were me, I
would either just include the entire tarball or just a file that points to
the website.  The default installation (for quagga users) is going to need
fastping2.sh though.

John Fraizer
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On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 5:39 AM, Paul Jakma <paul at jakma.org> wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Oct 2014, John Fraizer wrote:
>  Paul,
>> Did you replace mrlg.cgi with the tarball?
> I was wondering about that.
> I copied index.cgi over mrlg.cgi and added the mrlg.conf.sample file. The
> index.cgi file has the details to find the website, and licence
> information. That leaves out DESCRIPTION and INSTALL though. The former has
> information that possibly could jsut be left to the website. INSTALL is
> kind of useful.
> Any suggestions?
> regards,
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