[quagga-dev 11598] Re: Cumulus Quagga patches up on a git tree

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Tue Oct 21 11:16:08 BST 2014

On Fri, 17 Oct 2014, Dinesh Dutt wrote:

> There are over 100 patches in the tree.

Nice. Want to send out some kind of listing of the subjects? E.g. 
something like:

   git log --pretty=format:%s  remotes/quagga-gnu.org/master..

Though, many of the patches have a patch filename as the subject, before a 
more descriptive line that looks like it'd be more suitable as the subject 
line. You'd have to rebase and swap those around for the above command to 
give more descriptive output! :)

> We'll slowly feed out individual emails over individual patches or sets
> of related patches.

> Hope you find this useful. We welcome feedback and want to work to
> making quagga one of the best routing protocol suites.

Very useful, thanks :)

I've already sent you some private comments, and have followup 'tweak' 
patches to one or two of them.

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