[quagga-dev 11614] zebra-add-route-tags.patch

Daniel Walton dwalton at cumulusnetworks.com
Thu Oct 23 14:21:59 BST 2014

Add support for route tags 

A huge amount of credit for this patch goes to Piotr Chytla for 
their 'route tags support' patch that was submitted to quagga-dev 
in June 2007. This patch is essentially a port of that patch to 
99.22.4 and later with some minor fixes. 

All ipv4 and ipv6 static route commands now have a "tag" option 
which allows the user to set a tag between 1 and 65535. 

quagga(config)# ip route tag ? 
<1-65535> Tag value 
quagga(config)# ip route tag 40 

quagga# show ip route 
Routing entry for 
Known via "static", distance 1, metric 0, tag 40, best 
*, via swp1 


The route-map parser supports matching on tags and setting tags 
route-map MATCH_TAG_18 permit 10 
match tag 18 

route-map SET_TAG_22 permit 10 
set tag 22 

BGP and OSPF support: 
- matching on tags when redistribing routes from the RIB into BGP/OSPF. 
- setting tags when redistribing routes from the RIB into BGP/OSPF. 

BGP also supports setting a tag via a table-map, when installing BGP 
routes into the RIB. 



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