[quagga-dev 11671] Re: link detect enable

Vincent JARDIN vincent.jardin at 6wind.com
Tue Oct 28 15:18:52 GMT 2014

Hi Paul,

 > So the question is, should this patch be reverted, or should it be
 > kept and the change in behaviour better documented for the next
 > release?

hacky, but could work, let's have a 
getenv("ZEBRA_INTERFACE_LINKDETECTION") that can change the behavior.

Default option is both either way, then if anyone wants the other one, 
he can do an export ZEBRA_INTERFACE_LINKDETECTION=yes|no to change the 
default behavior.

I guess, we'll need more and more getenv() into quagga because there are 
few behaviors that should not be compilation time but could be changed 
at runtime.

Then, down the road, we can have a generic "show" command that dumps all 
the getenv() of each daemons and its libzebra with their corresponding help.

The purpose is not to replace the CLI, but more to define some system 

Best regards,

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