[quagga-dev 11690] Re: link detect enable

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Oct 29 18:51:08 GMT 2014

John Fraizer <john at op-sec.us> writes:

> I've often questioned the wisdom of holding off on changes / improvements
> because other (non-Linux) operating systems wouldn't support said feature.
> Zebra (and by extension, Quagga) was developed for Linux.  It has been
> *ported* to *bsd and other OS's and in those cases, I say, "Good for them."
>  But, to hold back functionality improvements in the entire project based
> on the fact that Operating System "B", "F" or "S" doesn't support it has
> about as much merit as the whole "everyone gets a trophy" philosophy that
> has permeated society.  Frankly, if your OS doesn't support something, it
> sucks to be you.  I don't see the "B", "F" or 'S" crowd saying, "We really
> can't expand project X to include feature Y because Linux doesn't support
> that."

My memory is that zebra was first written for BSD, and that Linux
support came later.  It's more or less always been a portable system,
with internal interfaces that admit differing implementations, of which
BSD rtsock and Linux netlink are the most prominent examples.

The issue was not that features have been blocked that depend on OS
support that's only available on one platoform.  The issue has been that
we have insisted that new features be written in such a way that
extending support to other systems will be reasonable.  More or less,
this requires an abstraction with an implementation for the existing
systems, written in such a way as to enable a reasonable person with
knowledge of portability to think that it's reasonably likely other
implementations can fit without too much pain.

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