[quagga-dev 11463] Re: Possible Bug in BGPd

John quagga at johnbond.org
Tue Sep 2 12:28:42 BST 2014

On 02/09/14 12:56, John wrote:
> Hello List,
> I recently came across an issue which i believe is a bug.  My testing
> indicates that if you have two IPv6 Interfaces which are in the same
> prefix as a neighborer, when you receive a route it is installed against
> the interface that is lexicographically lower.  To explain further it is
> best to use an example.
> I have ubutntu 12.04 LTS systems running quagga Version 0.97.3.  With
> the following configuration
Sorry this is a mistake, the version used for the tests in the last
email was version  i have also confirmed that the same
behavior exists in version 0.99.23.

Thanks John

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