[quagga-dev 11473] Re: [GIT PULL] babeld

Matthieu Boutier boutier at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Wed Sep 10 15:41:19 BST 2014


The following changes since commit a4b5665f76d9e907a547c85c9c4a7a656c568b9d:

 release: 0.99.23 (2014-06-24 07:14:20 +0200)

are available in the git repository at:

 git at github.com:boutier/quagga-merge.git pull-request

for you to fetch changes up to 6fd34ba8e2596d000cc17854138b4485f10551d9:

 babeld: fix typo in send_update_resend. (2014-08-04 18:04:00 +0200)

Ang Way Chuang (1):
     vtysh: fix regexp for install_element() in babeld

Baptiste Jonglez (21):
     babeld: cap neighbour cost to INFINITY
     babeld: give names to the various types of sub-TLV
     babeld: fix headers for NetBSD
     babeld: introduce accumulate_int and accumulate_unicast_int for 32-bits values
     babeld: introduce a pointer to the Hello message inside a node's send buffer
     babeld: piggyback a timestamp on all outgoing Hello messages
     babeld: keep track of timestamps on incoming Hello messages
     babeld: send back timestamps with outgoing IHU messages
     babeld: parse timestamps on incoming IHU messages
     babeld: compute the RTT to a neighbour
     babeld: compute the moving exponential average of the RTT
     babeld: add a cost to neighbours, computed from the RTT
     babeld: make 'rtt_exponential_decay' relative to an interface
     babeld: add a condition for sending timestamps on Hello and IHU
     babeld: display the RTT and associated cost on table dump
     babeld: update the metric of a neighbour's routes when its rttcost changes
     babeld: RTT smoothing: fix a rounding bug
     babeld: print RTT values in milliseconds rather than microseconds
     babeld: send a timestamp sub-TLV on unicast communication
     babeld: don't directly modify a neighbour in parse_hello_subtlv()
     babeld: silently ignore unknown sub-TLVs

Denis Ovsienko (28):
     babeld: address FreeBSD "struct route" issue
     babeld: address some compilation warnings
     babeld: address remaining -Wcast-qual warnings
     lib: update proto_redistnum() for Babel
     babeld: bring babel_usage() into focus
     babeld: add handling of "-z" cmdline arg
     babeld: implement "show babel interface" command
     babeld: add MP-specific zclient API fix
     babeld: dismiss babel_redistribute_unset()
     babeld: justify "running-config" meaning in CLI
     babeld: drive interface_config_write() forward
     babeld: 3 more timing statements in config text
     babeld: use setsockopt_ipv6_tclass()
     babeld: change spelling of "show babel neighbour"
     babeld: fix printing of inactive interface section
     babeld: fix protocol_socket extern declaration
     babeld: add missing #ifndef wrapper macros for *.h
     babeld: fix receiving of IPv4 routes from zebra
     babeld: fix processing of "address delete" event
     babeld: update message.c declarations
     babeld: fix some "show babel ..." command tree issues
     babeld: focus Rx packet structure/sizing checks
     babeld: fix management of unreachable routes
     babeld: add a neighbor debug message
     configure: exclude babeld from IPv4-only build
     doc: mention optional argument to "show babel int"
     babeld: use "func", not "&func" in timer setup
     babeld: reuse v4prefix and v4tov6()

Juliusz Chroboczek (61):
     babeld: Replace the babeld.conf.sample file by one that actually works.
     vtysh: Vtysh support for babeld.
     babeld: Fix typo in hello interval command.
     babeld: Error handling and tweaks for babeld commands.
     babeld: Indentation fix.
     doc: Document babeld.
     babeld: Don't use an ifindex when installing IPv4 routes.
     babeld: Use quagga_gettime.
     zebra: Display uptime of Babel routes in show ip[v6] route.
     babeld: refactor filtering stubs.
     babeld: Add support for blackhole routes.
     Resynchronise with babeld-1.3.1.
     babeld: remove port and group setting commands.
     babeld: vty commands (hello-interval, update-interval, resend-delay).
     babeld: display update-interval and resend-delay in show commands"
     doc: fix Makefile dependencies for babeld.
     doc: update babeld documentation.
     Remove dead variable reboot_time.
     babeld: remove remains of standalone babeld's configuration code.
     babeld: fix documentation.
     babeld: more helpful sample conf file.
     babeld: set interface flags eagerly, not at interface up.
     babeld: fix typo in kernel_route_add_v6.
     babeld: consolidate zebra interface into fewer functions.
     babeld: remove "parasitic" mode.
     babeld: Include babel_main.h in noinst_HEADERS.
     babeld: merge kernel_zebra.c into kernel.c.
     babeld: minor tweaks to "show babel" commands.
     babeld: Remove allow_duplicates.
     babeld: fix typo
     babeld: Avoid microoptimisation in route_changed.
     babeld: Be slightly less agressive about sending requests in route_lost.
     babeld: implement babel rxcost command.
     babeld: rename show babel database to show babel route.
     babeld: use manifest constants for default rxcost values.
     babeld: include babel rxcost in write running-config.
     babeld: fix and simplify find_best_route.
     babeld: implement show babel route A.B.C.D/M commands.
     babeld: fix missing case in babel_prefix_eq.
     babeld: implement show babel route ADDR.
     babeld: include distribute lists info in show running-config.
     babeld: fix incorrect return value of interface_config_write.
     babeld: change default of split-horizon to depend on wired/wireless.
     babeld: fix confusion between interface and babel_interface.
     doc: document "babel resend-interval".
     babeld: add commands to configure radio diversity routing.
     babeld: resynchronise with babeld-1.4.2.
     Document the new command babel smoothing-half-life.
     babeld: remove declarations for stuff that doesn't exist in Quagga.
     babeld: add safety check in fill_rtt_message.
     babeld: don't call gettime in parse_packets if timestamps are not enabled.
     babeld: reduce buffer size in format_thousand.
     babeld: set default value of enable-timestamps to false.
     babeld: implement 32-bit DO_* for arches with alignment restrictions.
     babeld: replace the field enable_timestamps with an interface flag.
     babeld: rename parse_route_attributes to parse_update_subtlv.
     babeld: rename rtt-exponential-decay to rtt-decay.
     babeld: use streams for iterating over routes.
     babeld: use streams for iterating over xroutes.
     babeld: fix typos in warning messages.
     babeld: fix typo in send_update_resend.

Matthieu Boutier (48):
     Revert all babel-related commits.
     babeld initial import, for Babel routing protocol.
     babeld: clean kernel_zebra (old functions, fields...).
     babeld: address some other compilation warnings.
     babeld: fix bug concerning pidfile.
     babeld: change fprintf(stderr) in term of zlog_err.
     babeld: avoid segfault (bug 706).
     babeld: add command: "show_babel_neighbour".
     babeld: add command: "show_babel_database".
     babeld: add command: "show_babel_running_config".
     babeld: use zlog_debug instead of do_debugf, for debugf.
     babeld: place the babel-state file in the quagga vars directory.
     babeld: fix commands informations messages.
     memory: install babel memory informations.
     babeld: remove useless variable, make local another.
     babeld: add command (config) to set debug flags.
     babeld: fix bug due to v4mapped addresses.
     babeld: change the modify route system.
     babeld: remove unused variable.
     babeld: babelz merge.
     babeld: Replace redistribution strings with route_types.h defines.
     babeld: "return CMD_SUCCESS" was missing for command 'no debug'.
     babeld: fix eui64 features.
     babeld: state-file was loaded too early. Initial seqno too.
     babeld: fix interface bug, simplify code.
     doc: fix typo in babeld.
     babeld: remove some unused functions' arguments.
     ripngd: Replace redistribution strings with route_types.h defines.
     ripd: add babel for redistribution.
     babeld: fix wire{d,less} commands name.
     doc: fix typo.
     babeld: code simplification for redistribution.
     babeld: fix all interfaces' filter issue.
     babeld: fix redistribution of ipv4 protocols.
     babeld: Use "IS_ENABLE" macro; fix mtu printing.
     babeld: remove useless variable.
     babeld: remove inappropriate comments.
     babeld: remove useless "const".
     babeld: remove useless function (format_bool).
     babeld: Fix parsing of compressed IPv4 Updates
     babeld: make babeld request sending conform to the RFC.
     babeld: rename variable to avoid future confusion.
     babeld: allow all RTT parameters to be configured
     babeld: add a configuration variable "enable-timestamps"
     babeld: fix RTT-related overflows.
     babeld: remove useless kernel.h structs and constants.
     babeld: use proper logging with zlog_err.
     babeld: remove unused (and bad-written) function header.

babeld/LICENCE           |  49 ++---
babeld/babel_filter.c    |  70 +++----
babeld/babel_filter.h    |  18 +-
babeld/babel_interface.c | 602 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
babeld/babel_interface.h |  38 ++--
babeld/babel_main.c      |  22 +--
babeld/babel_main.h      |  23 +--
babeld/babel_zebra.c     |  68 ++++---
babeld/babel_zebra.h     |  18 +-
babeld/babeld.c          | 156 +++++++++------
babeld/babeld.h          |  27 +--
babeld/kernel.c          |  26 +--
babeld/kernel.h          |  34 +---
babeld/message.c         | 473 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
babeld/message.h         |  30 +--
babeld/neighbour.c       |  67 ++++---
babeld/neighbour.h       |  32 ++-
babeld/net.c             |  31 +--
babeld/net.h             |  23 +--
babeld/resend.c          |  18 +-
babeld/resend.h          |  22 +--
babeld/route.c           | 261 +++++++++++++++++-------
babeld/route.h           |  33 ++--
babeld/source.c          |  18 +-
babeld/source.h          |  18 +-
babeld/util.c            |  70 ++++---
babeld/util.h            |  53 +++--
babeld/xroute.c          |  61 +++---
babeld/xroute.h          |  29 ++-
configure.ac             |  20 +-
doc/babeld.texi          | 108 +++++++++-
31 files changed, 1634 insertions(+), 884 deletions(-)


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