[quagga-dev 11474] Distribute.c using both v4 and v6.

Matthieu Boutier boutier at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Wed Sep 10 15:50:41 BST 2014

Currently, distribute.c uses either only v4 or only v6 filters.  These
patches first simplify some code, and then upgrade distribute.c such
that it can be used in daemons managing both IP v4 and v6.

   [PATCH 1/4] lib: simplify distribute.c's code.
   [PATCH 2/4] ripd: code simplification for redistribution.
   [PATCH 3/4] ripngd: code simplification for redistribution.
   [PATCH 4/4] lib: Make distribute.c accepts both v4 and v6.


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