[quagga-dev 11481] Re: non-GPL code calling and depending on GPL libzebra

Vincent JARDIN vincent.jardin at 6wind.com
Thu Sep 11 08:20:58 BST 2014

BSD daemons using readline.
Le 11 sept. 2014 08:59, "Paul Jakma" <paul at jakma.org> a écrit :

> Hi,
> My understanding of software copyright and GPL licensing is that when you
> have code A that has a specific dependency on code B, then the author of
> code B has a copyright claim over code A. The author of code A must then
> conform to the conditions of any licence given by the author of code B for
> code B, so far as copyright law demands (aside: which is quite far, IMLU).
> E.g., if code A calls, uses and depends on Quagga's libzebra[1], then code
> A must conform with the GPL licence of libzebra where copyright applies
> (e.g. copying code A, in source or binary form, outside of exceptions
> provided by copyright law).
> If code A is distributed under, e.g., a BSD licence, then this would not
> conform with the GPL licence applicable to it, as the BSD licence is not
> compatible with the GPL in this way[2].
> That is my understanding of things. I havn't had reason till now to think
> it was wildly off the mark. It'd be useful to hear of very concrete legal
> opinion to the contrary.
> Next, I'm curious what issues could arise if Quagga started distributing a
> daemon under a BSD licence, with that daemon calling libzebra. If my
> understanding above is correct, is this just a triviality that can be
> ignored? What are the consequences to Quagga? Are there consequences for
> others?
> Opinions, examples, etc., would be very much welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Paul
> 1. Not an exhaustive list of how code A might come to depend on libzebra.
> IANAL, etc.
> 2. My understanding is that distributing modern-BSD licensed code as GPL
> is permissible, as the GPL meets the requirements of the modern-BSD
> licence, where modern-BSD licence is without the advertising clause.
> regards,
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