[quagga-dev 11522] Re: non-GPL code calling and depending on GPL libzebra

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Sep 24 19:18:43 BST 2014

Vincent JARDIN <vincent.jardin at 6wind.com> writes:

> BSD daemons using readline.

An interesting case, and there are two issues:

  Typically, BSD programs use editline(3) instead, which is a
  BSD-license library with just about the same API.  A fair bit of the
  reason to use editline is the licensing issue.  So I don't see a lot
  of "BSD daemons using readline" out there, and certainly nothing in
  the NetBSD base system.    Do you have a specific case in mind?

  The notion of derived work is complicated.  When there's an interface
  which is at least more or less a standard and multiple
  implementations, then code that depends on that interface isn't a
  derived work of any of those implementations.    As an example, a
  program that uses the open/read/close system calls on Unix-like
  systems isn't a derived work of any particular Unix.
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