[quagga-dev 12124] running-config pollution by "router ospf"

Serj Kalichev serj.kalichev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 16:28:06 BST 2015


I use quagga- and have running-config pollution.
I start zebra daemon and then start ospfd daemon with the empty config. 
I haven't enter any commands related to "router ospf" but there is 
"router ospf" entry in running-config already.

The problem is with the commit 4bab6806914dbb4b43f376ebf966a034a0ea72cd
It uses ospf_get() on ospf daemon start. Without any conditions. The 
ospf_get() creates new ospf structure.
       ospf = ospf_new ();
       ospf_add (ospf);

When I enter "show running-config" in vtysh it uses ospf_config_write() 
to show ospf settings.
   ospf = ospf_lookup ();
   if (ospf != NULL)
       /* `router ospf' print. */
       vty_out (vty, "router ospf%s", VTY_NEWLINE);

The ospf_lookup() is already returns non-NULL value so it always prints 
"router ospf" string.

Is there another way to satisfy interface mode commands without 
running-config pollution?

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