[quagga-dev 12921] Opinions requested: Package spec files for various distribution and doc - add to quagga git?

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Thu Aug 13 01:45:05 BST 2015

Just sent some basic update for the RedHat/CentOS startup scripts to the 
mailing list and
came across the previous email from Vincent asking me to submit some 
SPEC files I’ve updated.

I spent some time (as part of the NetDEF/OpenSourceRouting Continous 
Integration Setup)
to update/test configuration files and have it currently on our own git.
See https://git-us.netdef.org/projects/OSR/repos/ci-files/browse/

This includes Linux Debian, RedHat/CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and NetBSD at 
this time.
(Some of them for multiple distro versions and more planned)

This includes some (basic) documentation on how to build from source and 
how to
build a package for each of these distributions. All the Doc is 
currently in
Markdown format (because the gut servers do a nice on-the-fly rendering)

What does the community think?
	- Should I submit these to the Quagga Git?
	- All of it? (package build SPEC etc files & Documentation?)
	- If yes on doc, is Markdown acceptable or should it be in Tex?

Happy to work on it if there is some interest to have this (all or part) 
in the Quagga Git.

Alternative would be some link on the Quagga site to our git to make it 
easier to find.

- Martin Winter
   mwinter at opensourcerouting.org

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