[quagga-dev 12943] Re: Opinions requested: Package spec files for various distribution and doc - add to quagga git?

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Wed Aug 19 20:53:52 BST 2015

On 17 Aug 2015, at 8:21, Paul Jakma wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Aug 2015, Martin Winter wrote:
>> Just sent some basic update for the RedHat/CentOS startup scripts to 
>> the mailing list and came across the previous email from Vincent 
>> asking me to submit some SPEC files I’ve updated.
> Great.
>> currently in Markdown format (because the gut servers do a nice 
>> on-the-fly rendering)
>> What does the community think?
>> 	 - Should I submit these to the Quagga Git?
>> 	 - All of it? (package build SPEC etc files & Documentation?)
>> 	 - If yes on doc, is Markdown acceptable or should it be in Tex?
>> Happy to work on it if there is some interest to have this (all or 
>> part) in the Quagga Git.
> I find it convenient to be able to build packages directly from git. 
> Maybe they won't be 100% inline with the latest recommended practices 
> of the distro concerned, but for me the point is to make testing of 
> git easier - so if it serves that purposes.
> One issue, the more distro we add, the more placing as top-level 
> directories gets cluttery - maybe a subdir would be nice. However, 
> maybe some packaging tools depend on specific top-level directories? 
> E.g. I think we could move redhat/ fine - what about others?
> So +1 for me on adding package building stuff & docs.
> +1 on MarkDown too.

Ok, I’ll work on one of them as an example and push it to the list as 
a patch.
Will then work on the others after this one is 

I also assume that doc goes into Git as well (and not just the quagga 

- Martin

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