[quagga-dev 12961] Re: HACKING: Change format to MarkDown

Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Fri Aug 21 18:35:05 BST 2015

On Wed, 19 Aug 2015, James Carlson wrote:

> I can see why MarkDown would be a good idea for an unimportant document 
> that can be rewritten later -- it's a rather minimal set of mark-up -- 
> but it doesn't seem helpful for something non-trivial that should be 
> rendered and displayed in a pretty form for the majority of readers.

> TeX, by contrast, has longevity and high flexibility.

Indeed, I like TeX (well, LaTeX, well actually I use Lyx mostly as 
friendly front-end to LaTeX ;) ). But... TeX looks alien enough to put 
some off.

Note that MarkDown maps nicely onto a small subset of TeX, and so tools 
like 'pandoc' can easily act as frontend for TeX, allowing MarkDown to be 
rendered through TeX to anything it supports.

Pandoc also lets you write TeX in the markdown - for anything that isn't 
supported by MarkDown. Note there were TeX commands in the "MarkDown" 
file. ;)

So you don't lose any of the abilities of TeX with this, but for the 
subset of mark-up that MarkDown provides it tends to be more concise, more 
readable, and more writable than TeX. And many people are unfamiliar with 
TeX, as above.

Longevity wise, it should always be easy to convert back to TeX if needs 
be (via pandoc or manually).

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