[quagga-dev 14128] CI Testresult: PASSED (Re: [quagga-dev,14125,4/4] bgpd: Modify maxpaths cli' s to use MULTIPATH_NUM for range)

cisystem at netdef.org cisystem at netdef.org
Wed Dec 9 15:40:06 GMT 2015

Continous Integration Result: SUCCESSFUL

Congratulations, this patch passed basic tests

Tested-by: NetDEF CI System <cisystem at netdef.org>

This is an EXPERIMENTAL automated CI system.
For questions and feedback, feel free to email
Martin Winter <mwinter at opensourcerouting.org>.

Patches applied :
  Patchwork 1613: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/1613
       [quagga-dev,14123,1/4] build: Rework how MULTIPATH_NUM is delivered to build
  Patchwork 1616: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/1616
       [quagga-dev,14124,2/4] zebra, bgpd: Fixup MULTIPATH_NUM usage to not consider 0
  Patchwork 1615: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/1615
       [quagga-dev,14126,3/4] lib: Add CMD_RANGE_STR macro to command.h
  Patchwork 1614: http://patchwork.quagga.net/patch/1614
       [quagga-dev,14125,4/4] bgpd: Modify maxpaths cli&#39;s to use MULTIPATH_NUM for range
Tested on top of Git : ffe7944 (as of 20151029.142413 UTC)
CI System Testrun URL: https://ci1.netdef.org/browse/QUAGGA-QPWORK-196/

  NetDEF/OpenSourceRouting Continous Integration (CI) System

OpenSourceRouting.org is a project of the Network Device Education Foundation,
For more information, see www.netdef.org and www.opensourcerouting.org
For questions in regards to this CI System, contact Martin Winter, mwinter at netdef.org

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