[quagga-dev 12015] build cleanup, batch #1 (old patches previously sent)

David Lamparter equinox at opensourcerouting.org
Tue Feb 10 10:32:10 GMT 2015

Release candidate out, best time to break the build, eh!

Either way, yes, I intend to push these into the release.  They have been on
the ML before, and I thoroughly tested them on Linux and FreeBSD.  Either way,
not much potential here to break anything runtime.


[PATCH 01/11] build: remove bogus/deprecated inet_* tests
[PATCH 02/11] build: remove Linux non-netlink config
[PATCH 03/11] build: remove AIX, NEC EWS and IRIX
[PATCH 04/11] build: remove INRIA, NRL and MUSICA IPv6 quirks
[PATCH 05/11] zebra, ripngd: remove ::/64 special-casing
[PATCH 06/11] zebra: remove kernel_delete_ipv6_old()
[PATCH 07/11] build: remove ancient Linux/BSD IPv6 cruft
[PATCH 08/11] zebra: remove rt_ioctl kernel interface
[PATCH 09/11] build: remove --enable-solaris parameter
[PATCH 10/11] build: harmonize configure help strings
[PATCH 11/11] build: get rid of INCLUDES, use AM_CPPFLAGS

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