[quagga-dev 12844] isisd: Attached-bit in LSP header

Nambiar, Amritha amritha.nambiar at intel.com
Fri Jul 3 01:46:51 BST 2015

Why isisd currently do not have support for setting the attached-bit (ATT-bit) in LSP header? 

Similar to the set-overload-bit command, the set-attached-bit command can be used in router configuration mode to specify when a L1L2 router should set its attached-bit. In IS-IS networks, routing inter-area traffic from Layer 1 areas is accomplished by sending the traffic to the nearest Layer 1/Layer 2 router. A Layer 1/Layer 2 router identifies itself by setting an attach-bit (ATT-bit) in its Layer 1 LSP. But isisd do not support the set-attached-bit command in any mode as of now, is this not desired for some reason ?


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