[quagga-dev 12894] Re: Outstanding patches & accepted

Donald Sharp sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com
Wed Jul 29 23:48:50 BST 2015

1249 - I'll resend it in the next day or so.  I'm surprised it doesn't
1248 - I sent an update with the changes Vincent wanted.  Here is the
pointer to it:

The multicast pim branch changes I made is here:
https://github.com/CumulusNetworks/quagga/tree/pimd_fixings - The
commit was NAK'ed by Everton and I think rightly so.  I have not got around
to fixing it yet.


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 5:23 PM, Paul Jakma <paul at jakma.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Catching up. Round 1 of proposed patches:
> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/quagga.git/log/?h=volatile/patch-tracking/1/proposed/ff
> Those are from Vincent's dig into patchwork in:
> https://lists.quagga.net/pipermail/quagga-dev/2015-June/012751.html
> Plus a few I'd gotten on the list.
> - Pw 1249 does not apply cleanly.
> - 410 is nacked according to Vincent
> - 537 was nacked by Vincent, but I suggested it should probably be applied
>   no pushback on that?
> - 1248, Donald was to get back on that? (Also, there was a branch with a
>   few reworks of PIM/multicast changes?)
> - a Linux rt-realms patch, which seems to have been created ages ago and
>   maintenance passed along a few different people (I think my commit
>   message is still missing some of the patch archeology). I don't want to
>   reject this, but I don't want to apply it as is either. I'm concerned how
>   it fits in generally, and also about whether the patch is doing the
>   right thing in having 2 commands (neighbour and rmap) to set the realm.
>   (I see also some updates later).
> Assuming 537 can go in, 410 is nacked, and the realms patch isn't ready,
> then this is what will get ff-pulled into master:
> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/quagga.git/log/?h=volatile/patch-tracking/1/accepted
> Next round, once above is settled/closed, the list can consider and review:
> - carry forward realms from previous, with updates
> - There is a FreeBSD multiple-FIB patch in bugzilla
> - LLS-TE (blocked on me at the moment though)
> - More patchwork cleaning from Vincent:
>   https://lists.quagga.net/pipermail/quagga-dev/2015-June/012788.html
> - I'll hoover anything since the last round on-list into a branch for
>   review
> - 1248 from above, and other multicast/pim
> - NHRP - Anyone want to do more patchwork diving?
> regards,
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