[quagga-dev 12680] Re: Building RPMs for Redhat 6 or 7 (or CentOS 6 or 7)

Martin Winter mwinter at opensourcerouting.org
Tue Jun 9 22:42:22 BST 2015


in general nice work. Much better than the SPECs I’ve created on our
CI system (See 

A few things I’ve noticed:

1) “with_ipv6” is default (at least since 0.99.24) and no longer
configurable. I don’t think it can be disabled.

2) Would love if you add the FPM as an option for the configure
(I would prefer as default, but some might have other opinions).
This would require the “—enable-fpm” and “--enable-tcp-zebra”
configure options together)

3) You didn’t update the changelog at the end of the spec file.

4) I always wonder if we shouldn’t install (empty) config files
for bgpd, ospfd, (and all the other daemons) so they can be started
if needed. The existing packages for RedHat (and most other Distro’s)
seems to think it’s not needed and everyone would do it by hand…
You seem to be installing the file for zebra (zebra.conf) but not
the others.

- Martin Winter

On 8 Jun 2015, at 10:17, Andrew Gideon wrote:

> Hello:
> I found that the SPEC file was somewhat out of date for Redhat or 
> CentOS
> versions 6 and 7.  I've updated it.
> There are branches:
>     * volatile/andrew/addingrhel7support_0.99.24
>     * volatile/andrew/addingrhel7support
> available in http://quagga.git.tagonline.com/quagga.git where the 
> first
> extends adds the commits to the stable/0.99.24 branch and the latter 
> to
> master.  I hope I've followed the convention for this naming properly.
> HACKING didn't seem to have anything about feature branch naming, but 
> I
> noticed the use of "volatile/..." in other cases.
> HACKING did specify extending master.  I added the branch extending
> stable/0.99.24, though, since that's the branch I happen to be using 
> at
> the moment (and at least one other person on quagga-users has tried 
> this
> change).
> Unfortunately, the SPEC file fixes were insufficient to have master 
> work
> for RPM building.  Another issue arose as of commit
> d8d54ab78d915921a88a8707426e307aed3c323e.  In that commit, the version
> tag in configure.ac became "0.99.25-dev".  The dash is rejected by
> rpmbuild (where it is used for @VERSION@ in quagga.spec.in), 
> presumably
> because a dash is a field separator in RPM file names.
> I took the easy solution of changing this to a tilde, and added that 
> to
> branch volatile/andrew/avoidDashInVersionID which further extends
> master.  I'm not sure that this is the desirable approach.  I believe 
> it
> does have the advantage, though, that:
>       0.99.25~dev < 0.99.25
> to RPM's version ordering.
> These changes would also apply to some Fedora versions, but I haven't
> identified which.
> Thanks...
> 	Andrew
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