[quagga-dev 12758] Re: [PATCH] PIMD: DR election happens on every hello received

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Jun 17 14:41:11 BST 2015

Donald Sharp <sharpd at cumulusnetworks.com> writes:

> From the RFC-4601(4.3.2):
> A router's idea of the current
>    DR on an interface can change when a PIM Hello message is received,
>    when a neighbor times out, or when a router's own DR Priority
>    changes.  If the router becomes the DR or ceases to be the DR, this
>    will normally cause the DR Register state machine to change state.
>    Subsequent actions are determined by that state machine.
> The RFC, imo, doesn't really specify if you should do DR every hello
> received or not.  It implies
> the original code prior to ee83d33acd....

I read these specs by finding a deterministic function from state to who
is DR, and correct code ensures that all sequences of actions compute
the function.  So I don't follow "must do DR election on hello
received"; I see it as "after a hello is received, the current value of
DR must be correct".  If the hello is from someone already a neighbor
and has the same priority as the previous hello, and if the DR value
is correct before receipt, then I'd expect it to still be correct.

It may be true both that rerunning the election code resolves a prior
issue and that the right fix was to find and remove the error in
maintaining the DR under some transition.

One thought is to add a "compute DR and assert if different" function
and for debugging enable it; that should find the bug.
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