[quagga-dev 12069] Re: Introduction

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Mar 2 02:30:31 GMT 2015

Brian Bennett <brian.bennett at joyent.com> writes:

> I've recently been doing a little bit of Quagga hacking so I wanted to
> introduce myself. My name is Brian Bennet and I work at Joyent as a
> Systems Engineer in Cloud Operations.
> Recently I've been motivated to get Quagga working on SmartOS. If
> you're unfamiliar, SmartOS is an illumos distribution. illumos was
> forked from OpenSolaris which itself was forked from Solaris 10. So we
> share heritage with, but are distinct from Solaris. As far as Quagga
> is concerned, there don't haven't been any significant differences
> between Solaris and illumos that I've noticed.

I've read your three patches.  I am inclined to apply the ip_mreq one as
obviously correct and the SMF one as not causing trouble to anyone on
other than sunos, without further ado.  I'll do this in 48h if there are
no objections.

I would like someone else to read over the capabilities patches and
comment yes/no if they think it should be applied.  At a quick glance it
looks ok to me but I am not adequately confident to just apply it.
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