[quagga-dev 12311] Re: [PATCH 2/5] bgpd: strip incorrect Graceful Restart R-bit code

Daniel Walton dwalton at cumulusnetworks.com
Fri May 15 00:24:48 BST 2015

> > b) Non-GR peers sit in update-delay mode until one or both send
> keepalives
> >     to kick the other out of update-delay mode.
> Again, they stay in update-delay mode until all peers globally are in an
> acceptable state, or the timer expires.  The "look for Keepalive instead
> of EoR" thing seems to be a Cumulus invention, we could strip that out
> if needed.  It's not a core aspect of the functionality, really.
> (With Non-GR, we don't really know when the peer is done sending us
> their full table... using keepalives for that seems, hm, "innovative",
> though I agree with you it might turn out to be a bad idea.  Should
> investigate this further.)
The "wait for the first KA as a sign that the peer has finished sending
updates" was something we did at cisco in the first implementation of
update-delay.  GR hadn't been invented yet so this was how we signalled to
a peer that we were finished sending our initial set of updates.  I would
leave it, it is handy on the off chance that you are interacting with an
implementation that hasn't implemented even GR helper.

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